Art Innovations
by Technology

Riwa redefines the art experience by seamlessly integrating physical art into the realm of technology, documenting history and the future of artistic progress

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Artistic Matrix with Enhanced and Secured

Riwa advances the art world by utilising our Art Matrix to preserve and enrich the value of artwork

3D NFT with IoT Technology

– China-British Emerging Art Exchange Exhibition

This vibrant exhibition features cross-cultural artworks by emerging artists from China and the UK, exploring the infinite intersection of culture and creativity.

We use high-end blockchain technology

We use Digital Inscription As Certificate

Digital authentication of works of art to protect ownership and prevent misuse

Polygon Network

Polygon Network

Fast & Secure

Fast & Secure

Low Fees

Low Fees

Why Choose Riwa

How it works?

Riwa offers a suite of services powered by AI technology for art identification, evaluation, origin tracing, and authentication solutions


Multi-functional AI device transforming the way of interacting with art


Ensuring art authentication and provenance through blockchain registrations


Engaging with and transacting with art in a new dimension using art virtual spaces


Using Artificial Intelligence to identify and augment art collections and appraisals

Where We Go




First Artwork Recognition and Evaluation AI Launched

AI and Database Advancement

Upgrade AI capabilities for art analysis and database enrichment

Art Collaborations

Partnerships with galleries and artists to enhance artistic diversity


Blockchain registration system for artwork authentication and protection

3D Art

Enhance interactive trade and display for 3D art and NFTs

Art Insight

Artificial intelligence for in-depth art analysis and evaluation

Art Community Synergy

Deepen collaboration between digital platforms and the physical art scene



AR platform for immersion and interaction in the art world


Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Multifunctional Interactive Devices for the Arts Industry



Frequently asked questions

Learn answers to frequently asked questions on Riwa

What is Riwa?

Riwa is a pioneering platform that merges the creative prowess of artists with advanced AI, offering a secure and innovative space for the creation and distribution of art. It’s designed to empower artists and engage collectors in a trustworthy environment, underpinned by cutting-edge technology that ensures the integrity and exclusivity of each piece.

How does blockchain technology work on Riwa?

Blockchain technology enables the creation of unique and tamper-proof NFTs for each physical artwork. Owners can track the real-time location of their artwork using the integrated IoT technology. Users can verify the authenticity of physical collectibles on the blockchain with a simple scan.

Which wallets are compatible with Riwa?

Riwa supports Metamask, Wallet Connect, and Coinbase Wallet.

What are the benefits of using Riwa for buying and selling artwork?

Riwa offers tracking, authentication, and tracing solutions for physical collectibles, ensuring transaction transparency and security. Furthermore, by using blockchain technology, the NFTs created for each artwork guarantee the uniqueness and authenticity of the collectibles. Finally, owners can track the real-time location of their physical collectibles.

Can I test the platform out?

Yes, our platform is ready to use.