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Riwa is leading the way in bringing physical artwork into a new realm, and we invite you to join us in creating a miracle for future art!

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Digital assets with IoT and AI assistant

Riwa tech leverages IoT and AI technologies to secure and track physical assets, enhancing their value with digital verification. Using our AI assistant ARTTECHMUSE, we provide professional art valuation and authentication services.

3D NFT with IoT Technology

Riwa Art Exhibition – Sixth Edition

Shangmei Xizhou: A Fusion of Narrative and Abstraction 

We’re thrilled to present our online exhibition featuring the exceptional works of Shangmei Xizhou, one of China’s top 31 young painters. Dive into her unique blend of narrative and abstraction, showcased in her renowned “Picnic on the Grass” series, previously exhibited at the Louvre!

We use high-end blockchain technology

We use high-end blockchain technology

Uncovering the physical artwork new realm with Riwa Tech in Web 3.0

Polygon Network

Polygon Network

Fast & Secure

Low Fees

Why Choose Riwa

How it works?

Riwa tech is providing artwork source tracing, authentication and solutions powered by blockchain and IoT technology


With just a simple scan, users can verify the authenticity of physical collectibles on blockchain.


Owners can now track the live geolocation of physical collectibles.


We also provide convenient physical collectibles storage service for owners who don’t want to manage on their own.


Easy to use with our mobile application. It will be available on Google Play and App Store.

Where We Go



Tech Implementation

Innovative E-TAG and NFT anti-counterfeiting systems paired with AI-driven art assistance


Launching of Riwa’s decentralized finance (DeFi) platform

Collaboration with Arts

Forming partnerships with renowned art galleries, studios, and cultural institutions

Collaboration with Artists

Collaborating with a diverse pool of independent artists to foster a rich tapestry of artistic expression

3D digital asset

Creating 3D digital assets using artificial intelligence for enhanced representation


Bridging Real and Virtual Worlds through Innovation, Inclusivity, and Sustainability

Metaverse Development

Starting a creation of a digital and immersive metaverse for artworks and artists


Riwa Digital Financial Services

Launching blockchain-integrated financial solutions to enhance the art investment landscape

Collaborations with Arts and Artists

Forming partnerships with renowned galleries, studios, and artists bridging the online and offline realms



Frequently asked questions

Learn answers to frequently asked questions on Riwa

What is Riwa?

Riwa is a platform for the sale of NFTS and antique art that uses high-end blockchain technology and the Polygon network. Riwa also uses advanced IoT technology such as E-Tag and GPS tracking to ensure the security and transparency of physical assets backed by NFTs.

How does blockchain technology work on Riwa?

Blockchain technology enables the creation of unique and tamper-proof NFTs for each physical artwork. Owners can track the real-time location of their artwork using the integrated IoT technology. Users can verify the authenticity of physical collectibles on the blockchain with a simple scan.

Which wallets are compatible with Riwa?

Riwa supports Metamask, Wallet Connect, and Coinbase Wallet.

What are the benefits of using Riwa for buying and selling artwork?

Riwa offers tracking, authentication, and tracing solutions for physical collectibles, ensuring transaction transparency and security. Furthermore, by using blockchain technology, the NFTs created for each artwork guarantee the uniqueness and authenticity of the collectibles. Finally, owners can track the real-time location of their physical collectibles.

How does cryptocurrency pricing work?

Cryptocurrency pricing is determined by the forces of supply and demand in the market. Other factors that can affect cryptocurrency pricing include regulatory developments, news and events that impact the underlying technology, and the overall sentiment of investors and traders in the market.

Can I test the platform out?

Yes, our platform is ready to use.

How is my crypto account secured?

It’s essential to use a secure and reputable exchange or wallet provider, keep your private keys safe, and never share your account information with anyone to ensure the security of your crypto account.