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Riwa Blockchain Registration System

The blockchain registration system provides reliable digital identity and record history for digital art, artworks, and antiques using blockchain technology. Customers can use the system independently to register and conduct related operations.

Digital art, artwork, and antique registration

  • Customers can generate a unique digital identity ID on the blockchain for their digital art, artworks, and antiques, a fully automated process
  • Upload images and basic information about digital art, artworks, and antiques to the system
  •  Digital art, artworks, and antiques are registered on the blockchain ledger, with a unique and tamper-proof identification code

Data query

  • Users can query the historical data of any digital art, artwork, and antique on the blockchain
  • Including tamper-proof information such as all transaction history, prices, co-ownership status, etc.
  • Ensures the reliability of data for users when conducting transactions or appraisal

Transfer transaction

  • Users can initialise the transfer of digital art, artworks, and antiques, select the address of the new owner, enter the price and other information
  • The system automatically triggers smart contracts for transfer and ownership change
  • The complete transaction is recorded on the blockchain ledger to ensure traceability