Artist – Lin Yuechuang

The artistic journey of Lin Yuechuang, deeply rooted in the ceramic culture of his hometown Dehua, Quanzhou, Fujian, unfolds into a rich canvas of expressive dimensions, further enriched by academic explorations and overseas studies. Venturing both into the realms of oil painting and ceramic art, Lin manifests a unique artistic language and aesthetic pursuit, blending the essence of Eastern and Western artistry, showcasing a profound understanding of both tradition and modernity.

In Lin’s series of works, the inclination towards abstract art is evident and pronounced. Through four distinct rhythms, he unveils a diverse range of artistic styles, akin to a quartet with varied melodies. In some, he explores the heavy texture of visual friction, presenting a melancholic metallic texture, constructing a sonata-like musicality. In contrast, his lively works exude vitality akin to a lively allegro, rhythmically vibrant and energetic. In the chaotic blend of colors, Lin seeks the profound sense of visual space in the broad meditation of adagio, invoking contemplation in the viewer. Through intersecting short white lines, he creates a rondo-like melody in the canvas, lively and dynamic like a scherzo.

“Still waters run deep” might be the phrase that encapsulates Lin Yuechuang’s series of works the best. His works, much like the artist himself, exhibit a gentle exterior while housing a firm resolve and quest within. Nearly a decade of classical oil painting studies has brought Lin to a level of mastery in technique, yet he remains unsatisfied with traditional frameworks. He ventures beyond, striving for artistic expressions distinct from tradition. His creations step away from the fixed imagery of classical realism, moving towards the exploration of abstract art, displaying a quest for inner truth and a breakthrough from the conventional boundaries of artistry.

Lin Yuechuang’s artistic practice showcases the sincerity and courage of an artist truly enamoured with art, willing to self-reflect and explore. His creations are not merely a visual feast but a profound introspection into life, society, and human nature. His works, like his artistic journey, are filled with a spirit of exploration and innovation, offering not just aesthetic pleasure, but deep contemplation and insight for the beholder.