Artist – Shangmei Xizhou

Born in 1990, Shangmei Xizhou has been hailed as one of China’s 31 outstanding young painters, and at the age of 33, she has already made a name for herself on the global art scene. Her outstanding “Picnic on the Grass” series has not only been recognised in China but has also been exhibited at the prestigious Louvre Museum. Such an honour, especially for an emerging artist, is not only a testament to her unparalleled talent, but also a great encouragement for her future endeavours.

Shangmei Xizhou’s art is characterised by a non-figurative style, in which she skillfully blends action painting with a unique narrative approach. Her work resonates with the vitality of primal life forces, offering the viewer improvised soulful experimentation and conscious but restrained expression. Even at a time when Abstract Expressionism is considered to have reached its zenith, Shanmay Sai Chow continues to push the boundaries and create works that are abstract but not completely abstract.