Artist – Qiu Lingui

Browsing through Qiu Lingui's work is like embarking on a rich narrative journey, his works intricately intertwine the essence of the concrete and the abstract, embodied in a myriad of mediums and themes. Qiu Lingui's prolific creative trajectory is a sincere quest to explore a vocabulary of expression that resonates with his heart. His mediums range from oils, acrylics, and...

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Artist – Lin Yuechuang

The artistic journey of Lin Yuechuang, deeply rooted in the ceramic culture of his hometown Dehua, Quanzhou, Fujian, unfolds into a rich canvas of expressive dimensions, further enriched by academic explorations and overseas studies. Venturing both into the realms of oil painting and ceramic art, Lin manifests a unique artistic language and aesthetic pursuit, blending the essence of Eastern and...

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Artist – Shangmei Xizhou

Born in 1990, Shangmei Xizhou has been hailed as one of China's 31 outstanding young painters, and at the age of 33, she has already made a name for herself on the global art scene. Her outstanding "Picnic on the Grass" series has not only been recognised in China but has also been exhibited at the prestigious Louvre Museum. Such...

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Himalayan art is a vibrant and diverse field that encompasses various art forms from the Himalayan region and its surrounding areas, including Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and northern India. The themes of these art forms often revolve around Buddhist and Hindu mythology, and the expressive mediums include sculpture, painting, and decorative arts. The earliest forms of Himalayan art can be traced back...

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Arts & Artists

The Charm of Himalayan Art

Himalayan art, a unique art form originating from the Himalayan region, including Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet, is captivating due to its profound historical roots and rich cultural connotations. The development of Himalayan art has been deeply influenced by Buddhism, Hinduism, and Tibetan Buddhism, which have deep historical and cultural roots in the Himalayan region. The main feature of Himalayan art is...

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