Riwa’s Online Art Exhibition: A Dialogue between Life and Technology

In Riwa’s fifth online art exhibition, we are delighted to feature a series of works by the young and adept artist Yu Yong, born in 1993. Demonstrating remarkable prowess in both painting and sculpture, Yu Yong brings forth a collection that is both multidimensional and rich in narrative.

The series is a philosophical exploration of form and colour, offering viewers an experience that goes beyond the visual to engage both the heart and mind. His vibrant canvases, characterized by dynamic lines and stark contrasts, invite viewers into a space of contemplation and wonder.

Yu Yong’s deep reverence for nature is palpable in his works, which convey powerful emotions and a unique worldview through a masterful interplay of colours and forms.

We invite you to immerse yourself in Yu Yong’s artistic universe, a showcase of a young artist’s maturity and depth, where each painting stands as a testament to his evolving narrative and artistic acumen.