Riwa’s Online Art Exhibition: A Dialogue between Life and Technology

This exhibition delves deeply into the intricate interplay of life, technology, and human nature. Through the sculptures of artist Ouyang Yao, we aim to break the conventional boundaries of art, offering the audience a novel artistic experience.

Skin Series: In this collection, Ouyang Yao employs his sculptural language to explore the essence of human spirit. He goes beyond mere superficial forms, delving deep into the human psyche, attempting to unveil the truths hidden in everyday life. These pieces are not just artworks; they are profound reflections on the relationship between humans and objects in modern society.

Black Box Series: This series delves into the relationship between technology and biology. Ouyang Yao poses a question about the future: How do we define life when technology and living beings become intertwined? This collection is not just a contemplation on technology, but a forecast of future life forms.

We hope this exhibition provides the audience with an art experience distinct from the traditional. Here, you are not just an observer but a participant, exploring an art world filled with unknowns and challenges.

Please join us on this journey into an artistic realm infused with philosophy and technology, re-examining our relationship with technology and pondering the true meaning of life.