RIWA Online Art Exhibition: Shuai Ying’s Inkwell Works

Shuai Ying, a renowned artist, proudly presents his captivating art at the RIWA exhibition. Drawing inspiration from the rich traditions of Chinese ink painting, his works have quickly become a focal point for art enthusiasts globally. He firmly believes that every artist should possess a unique voice, a distinct avenue to channel their innermost thoughts and emotions. In our ever-evolving world, while ideas remain timeless, it’s the medium and method of expression that truly set an artist apart.

Interestingly, his chosen method, “Inkwell,” has its roots in China’s Tang Dynasty. For those keen on delving into the intricate world of art history and understanding the evolution of the Inkwell technique, this resource provides invaluable insights. Historically, artists relegated the Inkwell technique to a supporting role. Yet, Shuai Ying, through his innovative approach, has transformed its significance. Unlike the traditional craft methods prevalent in places like Japan and Turkey, his technique is truly distinctive. Moreover, his artworks, often expansive, utilize multi-layered shading. This technique not only brings out intricate details but also offers a depth of expression that’s truly mesmerizing.

    Gorgeous & Encounter Series Works 21-08


Hunting Vividness & Blue 20-10


Hunting Vividness & Blue 20-11


Gorgeous & Encounter Series Works 21-07


Gorgeous & Encounter Series Works 21-12


Gorgeous & Encounter Series Works 21-01


Gorgeous & Encounter Series Works 21-11


Scattered Glimpses 20-18


Scattered Glimpses 20-16


Scattered Glimpses 20-13


Fortunately, the RIWA website provides art aficionados with a golden opportunity. Here, you can immerse yourself in Shuai Ying’s artistic realm, appreciating the seamless fusion of age-old traditions and contemporary flair that characterizes his creations. For those completely spellbound by his masterpieces and eager to acquire one. Art, in all its glory, resonates with our very essence. Through the Inkwell method, Shuai Ying paints a vivid tapestry of emotions, narratives, and history.